How to choose the color of the tiles for the floor

Choosing the right color for your floors can be a difficult decision. With the wide variety of tones and nuances can be delicate to choose the best for your home. Many factors affect the final result. Knowing what they are and how they apply will prepare you to make the best decision possible when choosing floor tiles. You could Shop for your kitchen or bath remodel here!


  • Compare the color swatches on the walls and the decor of the environment with the possible tiles. Make sure to blend with the existing decor to avoid the clash of colors once the tiles are installed.
  • Choose from a variety of tile complex or simple, single tone. The multi-color tiles are more appealing to the eye and makes the attention is not focused on other parts of the environment, while the smooth tiles focus attention on and highlight the furniture and other decorations.
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  • Use tiles that match the style of your home. Bright colors such as black, white or purple combined with a modern style. The terracotta and rustic colors or pastels are more appropriate for older homes or cottages.
  • It carries the potential to place tiles installed. The light plays an important role in the final appearance of the tile, and the brightness of your home is very different from the store. Place the tile floor at different points to assess how it would.
  • Choose colors and tones for smaller and more compact environments appear more spacious. Likewise, choose darker shades to look smaller environments, and for those that are too big look more welcoming.

Tips & Warnings

Always consult a salesperson at the store you are buying. They usually know a lot and have experience regarding the tiles, and can help you choose a color that coordinates with your room or home.

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