A table that rises

What do you think if I told you that a wood surface completely flat and smooth can become a close eye on a sleek table and practice? Well, that is precisely what happens with the design that I will speak in the post today. This is the Rising Table and, as its name suggests, the design comes from a flat surface, it is actually a network of small bamboo wooden beams. When raised, the table appears as if by magic.

The table belongs to the series Rising Designer Robert van Embricqs, who has created a series of sculptural furniture and beautiful, that arise from flat wooden surfaces.

Inspired by nature

If there is a quality that can be attributed to the table created by Robert van Embrics is undoubtedly the fluidity of design that surprises with its originality. The naturally arising in the table, from timber frame and wood pieces, breaks completely with the idea that we had so far from what it been a table: a board resting on four legs.

The designer found inspiration in his own nature. From the raw materials to the very conception of the design, everything is natural in Table Rising. The designer during the creative process analyzed the ways in which the transformations occur in nature without human involvement. Thus arose the concept by which a structure of wooden slats, seemingly arranged haphazardly, become the beating heart of this table.

A table that rises

Another criterion that guided the design of Robert van Embrics was the search functionality. Furniture that is practical and functional does not mean it has to be boring, predictable or conventional. The Rising Table is a good example of it.

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