Decor for your new home

One of the most exciting things that moving into a new home can bring is the chance to decorate. Stamping your personality on a brand new property is a fun idea, and will help you and your family settle into your new home quickly.

However, when faced with a blank canvas it can be tricky to know where to start, especially if you’re not a natural interior designer. But fear not, with just a little bit of imagination, innovation and style, you can have your new home looking fantastic in no time.


One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make when designing your new home’s interior is regarding the colour scheme. As you’ll probably use these colours in accessories and furnishings in all parts of your home, choosing a palette that’s easy to live with as well as stylish is a must. So try to use relatively neutral colours for larger areas, and add a few splashes of vibrant colour to bring out features.

Soft furnishings

Once you’ve settled on a colour scheme, the next thing you’ll need to do is pick out some stylish soft furnishings.

Though it can be tempting to simply move the sofa from your old home into your new residence, it may have a negative impact on the look of your new home, especially if all of the walls, fixtures and fittings will be brand spanking new.

So if there’s any cash left if your budget, why not treat yourself to a new sofa and create a stylish centrepiece for your living room that will be well worth any expense.


Though it’s important not to clutter your new home, adding a few well placed accessories will help to make it feel more homely and add some visual interest.

Try to pick accessories that enhance the colour scheme you’ve chosen for your walls and your furnishings. With accessories, you can go a little bolder, so if you want to add some colour to the space, opt for accessories with a vibrant look.

If you’re looking for high quality new homes Cheshire, Liverpool and other parts of the North West are home to some fantastic developments, giving you plenty of opportunities to find a dream property for you and your family to enjoy.

How to Choose the Perfect Bed for Your Child

The moment that your child starts walking is a moment that you’ll never forget, but you’ll also find yourself worrying about what the future holds. Walking is one of those early milestones that will remind you that your child is growing up and soon won’t need a crib or a tiny toddler bed. While some beds feature unique systems that let you add extra pieces to use it as a double or twin bed later, your child might want to redecorate his or her bedroom. Choosing the right bed gives you the centerpiece that you can build the rest of the room around.

What Size Do You Need?

One of the first things you need to consider is the overall size of the bed. Beds for kids now come in twin, full and queen sizes. Choosing a twin size might leave you spending more money in the future to upgrade to a larger size, but a twin bed is also a good choice for a smaller room. A full bed or a queen bed gives your child a little more room to grow, and you can use that bed in a guest room later.

Choose the Right Style and Color

As beds today come in so many different options, you’ll want to find one that works with your child’s room today and in the future. Many parents opt for a headboard in a neutral color. This lets them add new bed linens, change the wall color and add other decorations in the future without worrying that they’ll need to buy a new bed too. You might select a bed in a dark shade of brown or black with a larger headboard for a boy’s room or a cream or white bed with some feminine accents for a little girl’s room. Read more »

How to Find the Best Carpet Cleaning NYC Has to Offer

Real estate in New York doesn’t come cheap. That means that if you’re a renter, you are likely living in a small apartment that has been home to many other residents before you – and shows the signs of all that traffic. It also means that if you are fortunate to own property, you need to do everything you can to keep your property in its best shape to maintain its value.

Carpet cleaning can help you to restore the apartment you are renting or to keep your home as clean as possible. Here are a few things you can do to find the best carpet cleaning NYC has to offer so you can get the results you need:

Ask for Referrals

One of the best ways to find the top service providers in your neighborhood is to ask for people who have had experience with them. Ask your friends and colleagues for referrals to carpet cleaners they have used in the past. They will give you their honest opinion about the experience they had, and they are likely to only give you referrals for providers that really impressed them.

They will also likely tell you about the providers they worked with who did a really terrible job, which can help guide your selection, as well.

Read Reviews

If no one you know has worked with carpet cleaners, you can still get referrals in the form of reviews. Go online and see what other customers have to say about the business. Pay special attention to both the compliments and the complaints. Every business is bound to have a bit of both. These reviews will give you a complete picture of what to expect from the business.

Check the Services

Most carpet cleaners will have a website, and you can visit it to learn more about the services offered. For example, some cleaners may specialize in getting out tough stains, while others may be great with pet stains and odors. Some cleaners may specialize in commercial cleaning instead of residential cleaning. Doing this bit of research will help you find the cleaner who can provide the services you need.

Getting the best carpet cleaning NYC has to offer can help you protect your home and make it the best it can be, no matter how many roommates you have or how many years you live in it.

Flooring with ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are regaining position in the homes of many people and it was a tradition that is becoming a trendsetter. In addition, is that ceramic tiles are very easily adapted to any stay and environment, so that they can decorate your bathroom, your kitchen, your living room or even your bedroom. No doubt, they are a good choice because they last long; they are also very sturdy and hygienic.

If you do not know whether to put ceramic tiles for flooring in your home then you want to detail some of its features so you can better decide whether you agree or not this type of flooring throughout your home, only part or waive it. I venture to say that if you choose not regret it for reasons you will read below.


The floor tiles will make your home have a style for their own good finishes and the variety you can find in the market, both in colors, textures, sizes and designs something that enables perfectly fit your style, your personality and any room in your home.

Well maintained

Maintenance is easy as only need a regular cleaning with specific products for tiles and little else, this is very comfortable to not have to worry about its continuation or if it is scratched as, it is very sturdy.


Ceramic tiles can be put on almost every surface both inside your home and if you have a patio, terrace or any outdoor area.


This type of flooring because they are ceramics has a high wear resistance thanks to its strength and lasts much longer than other soils.

Ceramic tiles

Easy Repair

If you break a tile from your floor to ride no drama since repair is easy. You only have to remove the defective part, clean the area and put the new.

Modern furniture for the living room

A modern style will always be great on a home, but to create it must follow some recommendations because although it is hard to get is better to follow some guidelines to make your room have a modern touch. It is easy to confuse with modern minimalist style, although they have in common are not the same but now you can get an idea of how will this type of modern furniture.

Furniture has a special value in a House it is a home will need furniture in order to be home, and furthermore are these which will give you a personal touch and a unique style to the interior of each room. To choose modern furniture first has to think of the space you have and then follow these recommendations.

Your personality

I get tired of never repeating that when decorating a room before all we must give a touch to the personality of oneself, because even follow a style exactly may be tempting the result can be quite cold … with furniture is the same.

Most importantly, a home is not the result of your decor or furniture is the most expensive in the market, much less! The more important question is that when you enter (or someone enters the room) you can feel welcomed throughout its composition and that you can feel comfortable. No comfort furniture has any functionality.

Similar to minimalism

Although not the same modern furniture minimalist furniture look so the maxim “less is more” is key how do I get it? Think carefully about how to fill the space and do not overload it with your furniture. Furniture should be just and necessary without crowds, without great and pompous furniture.


The furniture you see in the pictures will have to be low furniture with simple lines and straight, with light shades to give greater space and light. The compositions usually consist of modules to play with space, a coffee table looking for this functionality, sofa, rug and chairs or beanbags to fill the seats of stay and thus enhance the comfort of it.

Ultimately, you must follow to get an idea that the furniture is modern and is thinking about the functionality according to your needs and aesthetics. As for modern furniture materials, you will find smooth surface without textures, especially with glass and artificial timber.


It is worth mentioning enlightenment, is that in the whole furniture is always appropriate in addition to a core set modern style lamp, a floor lamp or table to have a somewhat softer light if you need it.

The couch

I can not finish the article without making special mention of the sofa as it is the leading furniture in any living room. A sofa should be comfortable but a modern sofa also has to pay special attention to their shapes and materials. There are many materials for a sofa is comfortable and modern, but definitely skin which will make us to enjoy more comfort.

Modern furniture

Then I’ll introduce more examples of modern furniture so you can make a better idea and that can decorate your home with this type of furniture, I hope you like it. Read more »

How to decorate old bathroom

Having old bathroom does not mean that you have to always keep it ugly and boring, it is the opportunity that you can decorate to your taste and mix various styles to convey that it is a stay with charm and let the appearance of old back. You have the option of starting from a base that is already built and somewhat neglected to change the face of everything and do better with some ideas, no doubt something very interesting.

The decoration that you choose and the style with which you feel better is your decision, but I want to give some ideas for decor your old bathroom taking advantage of its features and also without having to spend more money from the account, since the economic motive is what makes the decoration of the bathroom to be delayed.

The walls

If it bores, you color that you have on the walls and want to give a new touch or simply want to paint it because paint that is too deteriorated, choose the color that had better go or that you like and do not hesitate to paint it. However, remember to find the amplitude and the brightness with color.

The faucet

If the faucet you have in the bathroom is old and rusty, it is advisable to replace it with a new, a few taps more functional and beautiful look. Go to the hardware store and choose those that will go better for your bathroom and the style that you want to follow.

The toilet

If the lid of the toilet is impaired or color that is old and you do not as you can change it by another that is according to the style, or other color and even the classic white, this will depend on your personality. If the lid is in good condition but it bores you see it always the same, there are decorative vinyl that will help you to give a touch of personality.

old bathroom


It is possible that bathroom accessories are just as old, so changing curtains, rugs, accessories and everything you think suitable. That Yes, monitors the budget and that all combine with the colors and the chosen style.

Tips for decorating small gardens

A small garden can be a beautiful garden, it is not necessary to have meters and square meters to get it to look beautiful, so you will only have to know how to decorate it properly. There will always be something you can do to be more beautiful without having to complicate your long life, it is not necessary that you spend exclusively to this since you can do it from time to time, slowly but surely. What matters is that you go slowly make sure your decorating small garden is how you really like. Would you like to know more?

Plants and flowers always will cause a home to become more welcoming, but that they get that feeling must be well cared. If you do not have much space to have your garden, already you know that that is not an excuse so then I will give you some tips for decoration of small gardens.

Largest party

If you want to get most of your small garden must take into account a good light either natural or with small lights. If the light has to be artificial ensures that lights be placed by different spaces and strategically.

In addition, the garden furniture shall be in proportion to the size of the same, so I advise you to choose furniture and simple. A table with a couple of chairs should be sufficient.

The pots

The pots are also important so I advise you to choose those, which are pretty, or you can even choose transparent pots that will give an original touch to the floor seeing Earth from within.

The size of the pots should be according to the plants, which will be higher, the greater the plant, as for example in fruit trees.

Accessories in the garden

To avoid overloading the environment you should avoid putting too many decorative accessories in the garden giving prominence at all times to the plants. But if you like to give it a touch more sophisticated and personalized you can choose to place a beautiful statue, attachment of wrought iron, decorative cages or ornaments of this type, but remember that sometimes less is more.


So even your small garden is best I advise that you play with colors, so don’t hesitate to combine the colors of the flowers and accessories until you see that is to your liking and that you like to look at it, then it will mean that you have found the best location in your garden. But do not overdo with colors since what is being sought in a garden always is the feeling of harmony.

In the windows

If your small garden you have in one of your windows you will have to make sure whether they are flowers and herbs are helpful so they do not burn because of too much exposure to the Sun.

Herbs and vegetables

If what you have planted in your garden whether on a patio or a terrace are herbs and vegetables you should know that, they will need about eight hours of light daily and a suitable ground to allow water to drain well. In addition, such plants will need much water for what I advise you to water them with shower or place them very close to a hose.

decorating small garden

What do you think of these tips for your small garden? We are sure that if you had it something careless from now you’ll get some time to begin to hold better and find that beauty can be achieved both with a small garden. In addition, it is that what matters is feel the nature around us too regardless of the size, right.

Tips for painting walls with roller

Do you decide to paint the walls yourself? If so it is safe that you have already started to think about what you need and it is likely that in you are mind you are in addition to painting, the materials you need and the steps that you must follow. You should know that it is essential in addition to brushes have a roller to be able well paint the walls and ceilings. It is easy to paint with a roller but that really does is better to know some tips and tricks to do it perfectly. Want to know some tricks for painting walls with roller? You pay attention!

Best roll

To paint with roller you must not choose one regardless of how it is or its quality. Why pick roller which fits best to the stop as you paint and painting that you will use.

Hair roller

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that if the wall is rough roll hair will be longer. For example, if your wall has advise a roll of wool because the roll must reach the deeper parts. On the other hand, if the wall you are going to paint is smooth I advise you that roll hair is short or be a foam roller, though they leave small bubbles in the wall.

According to the type of paint

It is also important to have in mind the paint you are using. For example if the paint is acrylic vinyl I advise that you use a roll of wool or long hair since you it will fit better, on the other hand if you’re using plastic paints or water painting I advise that you use short hair rollers.

New roller

If the roller that you are using is new, you must first remove all the loose hairs or impurities because obviously, this painting would be a drawback. To this end, it is advisable that you do it with tape, glue to roll and stretch it will take all the impurities may have.

It is also important that no goals it in paint being dry because it has more capacity to absorb that one is more used, so before using it, paint it with a brush, so as you can soak it unless, it will absorb too much product.

The brush

Even though I am talking about how to use the roll, you want to give a cash tip before you use it. Use the brush before to paint those places that will not roll, in this way you will avoid you hard-to-solve brands.

The first-hand

When you start to paint with the roller always should do it from top to bottom, stripes and a double width to the width of the roll. I advise you that after having applied paint begin by the middle of the wall up and then down almost to touch the baseboard.

After this first hand, all the following will serve to spread the paint down the wall and you will have to do it as many times as necessary until it is perfect but without busting to not remove the paint you have applied.

Second hand

When you apply the second hand, do not forget to do it in horizontal stripes, so you can get a better distribution of the painting and they will be less or no mark. If you are unable to get on the roof get them diagonally but never in parallel.

painting walls

To reach the ceiling or paint high walls add an extension on the roller handle, it is the only way to work with more comfort, stairs can be a hazard in high areas if there is an extension of the asa.

Without gaps

To avoid pieces without paint must do to strips of paint are overlapping but that is excessive so that more paint does not collect. Remember that roll should only be slipped; never try to press it or all the paint will come out.

Bathroom mirrors with light

A mirror in the bathroom is essential not only because they dress up and beautify the wall and stay but by the utility that is given on a daily basis. A mirror is necessary for good morning face wash, makeup if you are woman before leaving early and be great, to look at any aspect of the face, to give breadth to the bathroom and also to provide more light. You like to know more about bathroom mirrors with light to decide whether put or not one in your sink?

The perfect mirror

To make a mirror perfect should always have an integrated detail: light. And if the light is white better, since in addition to offering a brightness cleaner is perfect for makeup or during the early morning hours if you have to get up at the sink and turn on the light. In this way will not be necessary that you turn the central light because in addition to disturb the view if you are newly risen / a, spends more and turning on the light in the mirror can save energy.

In addition there are mirrors with light including a small mirror with augmented area as if it has a magnifying glass effect that is perfect for occasions such as facial waxing, shaving or make-up.

Mirrors with light

There are variety of mirrors with light on the market both online stores and physical stores are perfect for the bathroom.

You can also find mirrors with light bulbs, with integrated light, with white light, yellow light, with light coming out of the back mirror in different geometric shapes, etc and all of them are also of very well in the mirror is very esthetic in the bathroom and it will help you save energy and you’ll find him so practical that already you will not see an equal mirror in a bathroom if you don’t have integrated light.

Bathroom mirrors

What are you waiting for get close to your usual home decor shop to inquire about these mirrors with integrated light? You will not regret it and will be great in your decorating!

Ideas for decorating your terrace

We’re in summer and in hot weather. If you are one of those lucky enough to have a balcony to enjoy these hot days you may want to know some ideas to decorate as we heat until almost end September, so you still have time for your enjoyment. Who would not want to enjoy the wonderful weather we have and take advantage of sunlight and cooler evenings? For you to do so I will give you some ideas to decorate your terrace in this hot summer.

Plenty of sunshine

If your deck usually done much sun, I advise you to have permanently an umbrella or a canopy that will provide shade and a good wind shield you in the event that any.

A natural environment

When enjoying the outdoors is always with the idea of enjoying nature, for it is good to have on your balcony plants, flowers and even small trees that give a fresh look in summer.

To lie

The furniture you use in your deck should be furniture that encourages relaxation and well-being, because the way you use it is to relax in your leisure time. A good idea is loungers or hammocks, the latter can be found in plastic, wood and steel, whatever the model I advise putting some comfortable cushions.


There is nothing better than eating outdoors in good weather and for that need furniture with materials resistant to potential climate change. They are ideal materials like wood or wicker, besides giving a sophisticated touch to your terrace.

decorating your terrace


The colors you choose for your deck should be colors that obviously, incite freshness and well-being, for that advise you to include light colors combined with energetic colors. For decoration cushions and hammocks you can choose white colors blue, orange, or yellow.

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