Ideas for decorating your terrace

We’re in summer and in hot weather. If you are one of those lucky enough to have a balcony to enjoy these hot days you may want to know some ideas to decorate as we heat until almost end September, so you still have time for your enjoyment. Who would not want to enjoy the wonderful weather we have and take advantage of sunlight and cooler evenings? For you to do so I will give you some ideas to decorate your terrace in this hot summer.

Plenty of sunshine

If your deck usually done much sun, I advise you to have permanently an umbrella or a canopy that will provide shade and a good wind shield you in the event that any.

A natural environment

When enjoying the outdoors is always with the idea of enjoying nature, for it is good to have on your balcony plants, flowers and even small trees that give a fresh look in summer.

To lie

The furniture you use in your deck should be furniture that encourages relaxation and well-being, because the way you use it is to relax in your leisure time. A good idea is loungers or hammocks, the latter can be found in plastic, wood and steel, whatever the model I advise putting some comfortable cushions.


There is nothing better than eating outdoors in good weather and for that need furniture with materials resistant to potential climate change. They are ideal materials like wood or wicker, besides giving a sophisticated touch to your terrace.

decorating your terrace


The colors you choose for your deck should be colors that obviously, incite freshness and well-being, for that advise you to include light colors combined with energetic colors. For decoration cushions and hammocks you can choose white colors blue, orange, or yellow.

Making a Garage Comfortable

A garage is much more than just a place to store vehicles. For many men, it serves an escape from the cares of day to day life. In a garage, a man can forget about that big project and work and tinker with his car, cleaning it, upgrading it, or just enjoying the smell of oil and grease. Other garages are used to build home improvement pieces. Either way, no garage is complete without a great garage cabinet set.

It’s important to keep your garage organized. Garage cabinet sets help make this process easier, as they provide plenty of space to store items such as tools, paint, spare parts, and more. A great cabinet set can make or break a space, as they can keep clutter out of the way. To get the most out of your cabinets, create ‘zones’ – spaces where specific items are kept. This will make these items easier to find when you need them. For instance, keep everything related to wood working in one area. Keep all automotive tools in another. You could even take a sort of Venn diagram approach and place tools that fall into two categories in the center of the cabinets.

In addition the cabinet set, consider adding a few comfort items to the garage. A dart board on the wall can be a great way to pass the time – just make sure it isn’t close to the door. A small minifridge can be a good place to keep cold beverages for those hot days spent in the garage. Read more »

Original ideas for decorating the house recycling

There is growing commitment to decorating the house recycling is that you begin to find much more attractive and help the environment while having a beautiful and most things done by yourself home. Plus, you will decorate everyday objects that use no longer giving them a longer life and give your home a unique and original touch.

You just need to use your imagination and be creative, the latter being the one that gives the finishing touch to any corner. If you’re thinking is environmentally friendly and want to decorate the house but do not know where to start. Here I leave some original ideas that I hope you like!

Wooden boxes of fruit

Wooden boxes of fruit are definitely the perfect material because it can create many compositions practical and beautiful. You can use them as a shoemaker putting several placed on the wall as shelves or putting together several accumulating in the wall (creating beautiful compositions) … and you can think of!

Of course, you must first sand them so there are no splinters that can harm you and then paint them according to the decor of the room where you want to place them.


If you have any old wardrobe and broken but has drawers in perfect or at least in good condition, do not hesitate to give more life to those drawers using them as small shelves on the wall or to keep your books in them. Try that if multiple place creating a nice composition to make it great.

If it’s an old drawer and you have a garden or a green place at home can also be used as original pots, what do you think?


The pallets are increasingly in demand because you can do many things with them for home decoration, besides being great are very practical. For example you can create shelves, sofas, chairs, use it as a mattress of a bed, create beautiful coffee tables by adding a glass as above (or without it also with a nice tablecloth), as a room divider putting a few together, hang on the wall as racks or put pictures or photographs you see … the options are endless, you certainly comes to mind more options!

Also to get them is easy because there are many companies that disposed of, so your neighborhood walking sure to find more than one. Remember before anything sanded and painted according to your decor.

decorating the house recycling

Old stairs

The old stairs also get a original point to any room if you know how to use them to your decor. Whether they are wooden and metal, you will have to find them another life in your home using it as a shoemaker, bedside table, towel rack, shelf, and book … whatever you want! Read more »

Ideas for painting the ceiling of colors

It is very common that people when they paint your home wondering if they should be painting the ceiling also because it is somewhat complicated. The roof or must not always be white nor has to be the same color as the walls. It is common to see roofs white or neutral because that will do to provide light, spaciousness and cleaning to stay and even a feeling of altitude.

On the other hand, a touch of not only walls but also the ceiling color can create a sense of renewal, but you must take into consideration some things so that the color you choose is suitable and thus care for the effect that generates. Want some ideas? Don’t miss a detail!


Full color gives feelings, walls, and decor and as you now know also, the ceiling is an important part of the effect that will stay together.

As clear tones to get a feeling of altitude, the dark tones will make you appear are the lower ceilings. Therefore, a dark color on a roof is ideal if you want to create this feeling, perfect for old houses or houses with too high ceilings.

The colour of the walls

When you go to paint the roof you will have to take into account the colour of the walls and which want to have in the decoration of the room. You should always remember the rules that exist in combinations of colors as if you do not the result can be horrible. Always use the roofing colors that can contrast with the walls, with dark tones or shades to altitude so it appears that it is closer to the ground.

Choose the perfect color

Choose the perfect color also depends on your personal taste and your personality, what a feeling want to create in the environment?

In shades of blue, violet, grey and magenta colors will create a cold; however, with colors atmosphere as the orange or yellow for the roof can create a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere.

But they do not serve all colors in all rooms, for example in rooms it is better to use colors that provide peace of mind, but for example in the kitchen Yes you can use a strong yellow or a purple with life for the roof.

The color and lighting

Choose the color also has much to do with the lighting, for example if the colors that you have used dan light as white, beige or yellow bring brightness to the room, but if you have chosen colors like blue that is cold I advise that you inputs a yellow light artificial lighting.

The light in a room is reflected on the ceiling but lasts for the entire stay, this is something great because you can achieve many combinations with colors and light. Imagine that you’ve used in your dining room red, green or purple tones as if you put white furniture will achieve a stunning effect in the same furniture.

As you can see you can get many different effects by painting the ceiling of the stays of one or another color. Would you like to give breadth to an elongated kitchen? Use the yellow. Would you like a feeling of altitude? Used white and neutral. Get off the roof? Use dark colors… And so many aspects to consider.

painting the ceiling

Ready to paint the ceiling of your stay? Do not hesitate more, forget the traditional white and begin to think how would you like it to be and what a feeling want to transmit you just enter, you will see how the result will be spectacular and you won’t regret it.

Remodel Your Bathroom On A Budget

Unlike most rooms, bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. Both big and small, wide and narrow, with nooks and crannies in the most unlikely of places, it usually only means one thing – a nightmare to decorate.

Turning your bathroom into the perfect place to relax and take a bath can often be a costly job. But it needn’t be. There are plenty of ways to update your bathroom into a haven of style, sophistication, and relaxation…

Remodel Your Bathroom


Is your mirror looking a bit shabby? Don’t throw it away; a lick of paint could make all the difference, brightening up your home and taking it from dull and lifeless to a totally new look. Creams and browns will give your room a relaxed feel, whilst bright colours such as lime green or pink will give it plenty of energy, and would be perfect to kick start your day on those cold winters mornings.


Forget about a boring airing cupboard to store your loo-rolls and such like, even they can be attractive if displayed just right. Rather than a refit of an entire bathroom with new tiles etc., simply adding a piece of furniture can change the room’s dynamic, and at the snip of the price.

Bathroom cabinets or shelving units will serve both a purpose and look incredibly stylish, becoming a focal point, which can be accentuated by artwork to give it a real personalised touch.


Even away from a cabinet, art can really add something special to a room. Whether that be simply something printed from the internet, cool little ornaments, or even sculptures, art can really stamp your personality on a room.

Buy Energy Saving

Whilst buying energy saving suites will come at a cost, in the long run it will save plenty on your bills. Even just fitting an eco-friendly showerhead like those featured on will help cut your bills down, and whilst it might not do much aesthetically, it could give you the money to do so later down the line.

Add Tile Where It Matters

Of course if you do want to retile your bathroom, why not just add them where it counts. You can save a fortune by simply just tiling around key features of a bathroom, whilst it also makes the design stand out much more, but yet much subtler at the same time, leaving you with just about the perfect bathroom.

Traditional kitchens ideas

The kitchens are spaces where we prepare food, work with the food and sometimes even eat. There are many styles for these spaces, but this time we will focus on traditional kitchens, which predominate in many households. They are characterizing by having the basic furniture with a classic design. Would you like to know more about the traditional kitchens? Please read the following lines.

Traditional countertop

The traditional kitchen countertop usually always marble or granite, although there are different colors beige, red and Brown are the most common. In the over used to have a sink of stainless steel of a space, if the kitchen is large tends to be two spaces and a tray also stainless steel on the side so as to leave the vessels and dishes to drain after washing.

Kitchen furniture

In traditional kitchens furniture usually with natural color or painted wood. To make the wood more resistant to fumes and smells of the kitchen it is common to be varnished or have added protection.

In this traditional style furniture still discrete shape can give play to drawings and characteristic details that will make sure the kitchen is embellished.

Traditional kitchens

Floors and walls

The soil can be wooden, although the most common is that soil is composed of tiles of color light or dark and beige, white, grey or brown tones. The walls also tend to have the color of the soil in neutral tones so that in this way he combines perfectly with the wood furniture.

If you like this type of stoves for your home, we show you some examples with which insurance you will find decorative inspiration you need.

5 Things Every Exterminator Wishes You Knew About Pest Control

When most people spot insects or rodents in their home, their first instinct is to scream for help. A professional exterminator can help get rid of the black widow in your bed, the mouse in your pantry, and a variety of other pest issues so that you can remain comfortable in your own home. Keep in mind, however, that pest control is not an end-all solution to every pest problem. Below are five things that every exterminator wishes you knew about pest control.

1 – Not All Pest Control Companies Do an Equally Good Job

Most reputable exterminators will tell you that they have had to try to fix a pest control job that another exterminator previously botched. Do your homework ahead of time to make sure that the company you choose to work with has obtained the required state and local certifications and that it has a trained entomologist on staff that understands the ins and outs of pests.

2 – Pest Control Companies That Follow Industry Standards Use Safe and Effective Treatment Methods

Quality pest control companies only use products and treatment techniques that have been approved by the Integrated Pest Management organization. If you prefer a service that uses natural pest control solutions, look for an exterminator like Planet Orange that includes a variety of EPA-exempt products that are botanical plant-based. Such products include ingredients like rosemary oil, peppermint, and clove oil while still providing effective results.  Read more »

Bedroom design ideas

The bedroom is the best room in the house where you should find that your place of rest. The rest must be accompanied by a pleasant, comfortable, cozy bedroom and a place where you rest and incite welfare. The secret to a bedroom that meets all requirements is that is simple but nice. There are some details that have to be taken into account in order to have a good bedroom design. Attentive!


Your bedroom during the day should have good lighting and thus get a nice feeling when you enter, and at night it is important that it is dark and silent. You will also have to choose a proper bed to your requirements, that the temperature is adequate, there is ventilation that is tidy and to display your personality in it, almost nothing right?

Bedroom design

Surely when you think about bedroom designs not think like an extremely expensive bedroom and following a specific style. But nothing is further from reality, designing a bedroom is best to leave your personality, your imagination, your taste … Only in this way able to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere and when you see the colors, accessories, when you get into bed between your sheets and look out the window with a cup of hot coffee in hand … you feel happy in your home, in your home and also proud / y that stay so enjoyable is designed by yourself.

bedroom design

Ultimately, the bedroom is the most special home stay, an intimate place of refuge for rest and relaxation. In order to take full advantage of your decor, we offer a lot of pictures with the best bedroom design to find the style that best suits your tastes and needs so you can get designing the room of your dreams.

Trends in interior decoration 2015

We have already spent half of 2014 and inadvertently go into 2015, the year we will have new trends in interior decoration 2015. Do you like interior trends? If so you will be updated in all designs and details that should be known, but if not, do not worry because in this report I will update you as to colors, materials and styles that will be more in the next year. Want to plan your home decor for 2015? Then do not miss anything!


What most marked trends in interior decoration next year will certainly change, contrast, spirituality, relaxation … being the oriental decor and zen the Indian decor and the most highlighted, having also other trends I will discuss that later. The important thing is to create an attractive image in each room, turning the classic style and merge it with styles like bohemian, the romantic, rustic, Zen … etc.

Another style that is hard tread the industrial style with matching furniture materials, such as wood and metal, with contrasting colors such as red and black.

Retro style

This style is like for the brave, but it is certainly a trend in decoration. Stripes, prints, shapes, textures and bold colors, and all of them combined to perfection.

Not difficult to find items that lead us past a breaker again. What fifty years ago was very fashionable to stomp back generations and now enjoy it again in this “retro” style.

Furthermore, this style is great because you can mix colors, textures, shapes, accessories, colors … as you wish! You can make yours stay with a rebellious and crazy touch. Show the world what you’ve always loved and now have also returned.

interior decoration 2015


Materials that weight gain in interior decoration will be reused as wood or organic bamboo wood. What will make a difference is to create environments that convey a stay as natural as possible and for this wood and stone will star in walls, floors, furniture, accessories and even ceilings. Read more »

Ideas to decorate the house in winter

Although there are still a few months until the winter, if you plan to change the decor when they reach the cold months now is the time to start thinking about how to do so when starting cold in the streets, just can get it the work. When you start to decorate the home in winter, remember that while its cold does not mean you should use cold or dull colored, quite the opposite! Want to know more? Read on!


You must forget the cool colors because we want to get home when winter arrives is to create a climate warm and inviting, so when entering the house feeling cold will stay on the street.

Although if you like you can add cool colors but always in combination with warm colors, for example you can choose to combine a light blue with a beige or white with dark brown. But if you want to create a different environment not hesitate to decorate with stronger colors like apple green, brown, cherry or other warm and / or bright colors to give a touch of life to your walls.


Indoor plants are always a good option to give a more welcoming atmosphere to any room in any season but winter will give more life to your home, for this mixture of green plants with colorful flowers.

In winter it is best to choose plants that are easy to care for and above all do not require much light to survive. Although in the months of cold not find so much variety of plants safe that you can include any that you like to your decor.

Ornaments and textiles

As beautiful ornaments you can use candles and incense to give a warm touch to your home. You can also put pictures on the walls or shelves with wood frames.

winter decorations

As for textiles I advise you to put some curtains thicker but with light to thereby enhance the natural light during the day can be tones. Another idea for a friendly as well as being very practical effect is to add carpet, rugs and cushions. Read more »

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